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Planet Defender

This my first game as I learn to develop in Unity and game development in general. I have very little previous experience. This is a learner project but I am sharing it for others to enjoy. Feedback, is appreciated as I do want to come back to this concept and make a more polished product once I learn more about game development. As well as fix some of the more glaring issues with this version.


Retro Arcade Cabinet game play, with a modern twist on controls. Asteroids meets Space Invaders.

Disaster has struck Earth's first resource satellite. After an explosion in the mining facility the asteroid is now in a decaying orbit. Scientists predict the asteroid will make 15 passes before it crumbles entirely. You pilot the only remaining earth ship that was not destroyed in the initial disaster. Break up the asteroids to prevent the destruction of planet Earth.

Missed Asteroids damage the planet, the smallest pieces burn up in the atmosphere and the larger two fragments do more damage based on their size. Unopened supply crates can be used on the surface for recovery, and heal the planet.


Movement - WASD

Aiming and Firing - Mouse and Left Click

Esc or P to Pause


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Known Bugs:

Aiming does not aim at the center of the mouse cursor.

You can fire one shot when the game is paused.

Powerup balance varies game to game, based on luck and RNG.

Objects disappear off the sides of the game screen. I would like to place art reminiscent of arcade cabinet sides in the negative space but do not have an artist friend, or funds to commission art.